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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Orcutt (2009-10)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2SHB 1950 Docs Property fair and true value H Rules X 02/11/2010 Orcutt
EHB 3168 Docs f# Property value changes H Rules 3C 03/11/2010 Orcutt
HB 1057 Docs f# Ballot title information H SGTribalAff 01/12/2009 Orcutt SB 5098(S GovtOp & Elect)
HB 1472 Docs State official contributions H SGTribalAff 01/21/2009 Orcutt
HB 1473 Docs Sexual health education H Education 01/21/2009 Orcutt
HB 1474 Docs f Border county higher ed proj C 158 L 09 04/24/2009 Orcutt
HB 1475 Docs f Agency rule-making info C 93 L 09 04/15/2009 Orcutt
HB 1476 Docs f Rights of crime victims H Judiciary 01/21/2009 Orcutt
HB 1477 Docs f# Tax exempt property use H Finance 01/21/2009 Orcutt
HB 1478 Docs f Deployed military personnel C 159 L 09 04/24/2009 Orcutt
HB 1479 Docs Adverse possession claims H Judiciary 01/21/2009 Orcutt
HB 1480 Docs f# Property assessed valuation H Finance 01/21/2009 Orcutt
HB 1637 Docs f Forest riparian easemnt prog H Cap Budget 02/23/2009 Orcutt
HB 2063 Docs Convicted felons on internet H Pub Safety 02/09/2009 Orcutt
HB 2064 Docs Pharmacy technicians H HC/Wellness 02/09/2009 Orcutt
HB 2065 Docs Retired law enforcement H Judiciary 02/09/2009 Orcutt
HB 2066 Docs Rebates and sales & use tax H Finance 02/09/2009 Orcutt
HB 2067 Docs Valuation increases H Finance 02/09/2009 Orcutt
HB 2934 Docs Dept of fish and wildlife H Ag & Nat Res 01/18/2010 Orcutt
HB 2973 Docs f Resident students/military C 183 L 10 03/23/2010 Orcutt
HB 2974 Docs Enforcement action/77.55 RCW H Ag & Nat Res 01/19/2010 Orcutt
HB 2975 Docs Fire sprinklrs/ag structures H LG & Housing 01/19/2010 Orcutt
HB 2976 Docs f Public-owned easements H Finance 01/19/2010 Orcutt
HB 3064 Docs Sales, use, and B & O taxes H Finance 01/22/2010 Orcutt
HB 3088 Docs Impact fee moratorium H LG & Housing 01/22/2010 Orcutt
HB 3089 Docs Property tax transparency H Finance 01/22/2010 Orcutt
HB 3090 Docs Natural resources management H Ag & Nat Res 01/22/2010 Orcutt
HB 3092 Docs f Delinquent excise taxes H Rules C 02/17/2010 Orcutt
HB 3169 Docs Acreage requirements H Finance 02/02/2010 Orcutt
HJR 4206 Docs Value averaging H Finance 02/09/2009 Orcutt
HJR 4207 Docs State expenditure limit H Ways & Means 02/09/2009 Orcutt
HJR 4208 Docs Tax increase restrictions H Finance 02/09/2009 Orcutt SJR 8206(S Ways & Means)
HR 4678 Docs Margaret Colf Hepola H Adopted 02/22/2010 Orcutt
SHB 1038 Docs a Specialized forest products C 245 L 09 04/28/2009 Orcutt SB 5169(S NR/Ocean/Rec)
SHB 1838 Docs f Spirit Lake trout fishery H Rules 3C 03/11/2010 Orcutt
SHB 2226 Docs f Retired law enforcement C 264 L 10 03/31/2010 Orcutt

Total Count: 36

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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