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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Ormsby (2007-08)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2SHB 3309 Docs e Columbia river water H Rules R 02/12/2008 Ormsby SB 6874(S subst for)
E2SHB 1910 Docs af# Multi-dwelling units C 430 L 07 PV 05/11/2007 Ormsby
E2SHB 3180 Docs f Housing investments H Rules 3C 03/13/2008 Ormsby
E3SHB 1873 Docs f# Wrongful injury or death H Rules 3C 03/13/2008 Ormsby
ESHB 2847 Docs f# Weatherization assistance C 92 L 08 03/20/2008 Ormsby SB 6746(S Ways & Means)
ESHB 2864 Docs af# Certified payroll records H Rules 3C 03/13/2008 Ormsby
HB 1668 Docs Manufactured/mobile home lot H Housing 01/24/2007 Ormsby
HB 1758 Docs f#o Tribal governments H SGTribalAff 01/26/2007 Ormsby SB 5640(C 114 L 07)
HB 2033 Docs f Payroll deductions H Rules X 01/14/2008 Ormsby SB 5879(C 99 L 07)
HB 2738 Docs Civil service commissions H Rules 3C 03/13/2008 Ormsby
HB 2849 Docs f# Affordable housing financing H Housing 01/16/2008 Ormsby
HB 2873 Docs fe Housing finance commission H Rules R 02/06/2008 Ormsby SB 6332(C 111 L 08)
HB 2874 Docs e District highway projects H Approp 01/17/2008 Ormsby SB 6288(S Transportatn)
HB 2888 Docs Energy savings H Finance 01/17/2008 Ormsby SB 6515(S Ways & Means)
HB 3265 Docs f Nonprofit organizations H Cap Budget 02/06/2008 Ormsby SB 6854(S Ways & Means)
HB 3314 Docs f Econ revitalization board H Cap Budget 01/30/2008 Ormsby
SHB 2064 Docs Career & tech education H Approp 02/28/2007 Ormsby
SHB 2151 Docs Optional municipal code city H Rules X 01/14/2008 Ormsby
SHB 2848 Docs f# Multifamily property tax H Rules 3C 03/13/2008 Ormsby
SHB 3193 Docs Whistleblower protections H Rules C 02/19/2008 Ormsby SB 6776(S subst for)
SHJM 4015 Docs Highly qualified teachers H Rules X 01/14/2008 Ormsby

Total Count: 21

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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