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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Hunt (2003-04)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
ESHB 1002 Docs af Mercury C 260 L 03 PV 05/14/2003 Hunt, S. SB 5124(S NatRes/Ene/W)
HB 1155 Docs d Military & overseas voting H Rules X 04/07/2003 Hunt, S. ESB 5463(C 17 L 03 E1)
HB 1168 Docs Initiative & ref petitions H State Govt 01/20/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 1559 Docs f Technology in schools H Approp 02/21/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 1560 Docs f# Vote by mail due dates H State Govt 01/30/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 1672 Docs f Bereavement leave H State Govt 02/04/2003 Hunt, S. SB 5544(S Govt Op & El)
HB 1740 Docs Broadcasts of pro sports H Technology, 02/06/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 1772 Docs Cooperative associations H Judiciary 02/10/2003 Hunt, S. SB 5726(C 252 L 03)
HB 1918 Docs f Recreation resource account H Trans 02/17/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 2026 Docs f# Absentee ballots H State Govt 02/19/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 2102 Docs Public water systems H Agric & NR 02/25/2003 Hunt, S. SB 5260(S NatRes/Ene/W)
HB 2103 Docs Tabulation of ballots H State Govt 02/25/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 2157 Docs School construction funding H Cap Budget 02/27/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 2182 Docs Well construction licensing H Agric & NR 03/03/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 2223 Docs f TESC capital projects acct C 324 L 03 05/16/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 2266 Docs a Leave sharing program C 12 L 03 E1 06/20/2003 Hunt, S.
HB 2393 Docs f# Watershed health H Agric & NR 01/13/2004 Hunt, S.
HB 2725 Docs f# Party caucuses H State Govt 01/20/2004 Hunt, S.
HB 2895 Docs f DUI offenders H Judiciary 01/22/2004 Hunt, S.
HB 2896 Docs Governor's powers H State Govt 01/22/2004 Hunt, S.
HB 2898 Docs Legal holidays H State Govt 01/22/2004 Hunt, S.
HB 3212 Docs Open primary H State Govt 03/11/2004 Hunt, S.
HB 3213 Docs Open primary H State Govt 03/11/2004 Hunt, S.
HR 4639 Docs Black Hills Lady Wolves H Adopted 03/17/2003 Hunt, S.
HR 4696 Docs WSU football team H Adopted 02/16/2004 Hunt, S.
SHB 1157 Docs d Ballot measure validity H Rules X 04/07/2003 Hunt, S. SB 5373(S Rules 3)
SHB 1169 Docs Initiative & ref petitions H Rules X 04/07/2003 Hunt, S.
SHB 2897 Docs Governor's powers H Rules C 03/01/2004 Hunt, S.

Total Count: 28

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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