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Chapter 314-03 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF314-03-020Consumer orders, internet sales, and delivery for grocery stores and beer and wine specialty shops.
HTMLPDF314-03-030Consumer orders, internet sales, and delivery for spirits retail licensees.
HTMLPDF314-03-035Consumer orders, internet sales, and delivery for on-premises beer and/or wine liquor licensees.
HTMLPDF314-03-040Consumer orders, internet sales, and delivery for beer and/or wine gift delivery licenses.
HTMLPDF314-03-050Limited patron participation entertainment at a spirits, beer, and wine restaurant or a beer and/or wine restaurant.
HTMLPDF314-03-060Axe throwing at liquor licensed premises.
HTMLPDF314-03-100Activities on a licensed premises requiring notice to the board.
HTMLPDF314-03-200Outside or extended alcohol service.
HTMLPDF314-03-300Alterations to a licensed premises.
HTMLPDF314-03-400Curbside service.
HTMLPDF314-03-500Endorsement for sale of manufacturer sealed alcohol products through takeout or delivery service.
HTMLPDF314-03-505Endorsement for sale of premixed cocktails, wine by the glass, premixed wine and spirits cocktails, or premixed wine drinks through takeout or delivery service.
HTMLPDF314-03-510Endorsement for sale of growlers through takeout or delivery service.
HTMLPDF314-03-600Takeout/delivery endorsement comparison table.
314-03-205Outdoor alcohol service for on-premises licensees. [Statutory Authority: 2023 c 279, RCW 66.08.071, and 66.08.030. WSR 23-14-119, § 314-03-205, filed 7/5/23, effective 7/5/23. Statutory Authority: 2021 c 48 § 2, RCW 66.08.071, 66.08.030 and 2021 c 48. WSR 22-01-052, § 314-03-205, filed 12/8/21, effective 1/8/22.] Repealed by WSR 24-04-042, filed 1/31/24, effective 3/2/24. Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030, 66.20.330, and 66.24.710(7).
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