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PDFWAC 516-12-430

General regulations.

(1) All regulations in this chapter and all motor vehicle and other traffic laws of the state of Washington apply on the campus.
(2) The traffic code of the city of Bellingham applies on city streets which cross the campus.
(3) All vehicles, attended or unattended, must be associated with a valid university parking permit when parked on the campus, unless the vehicle is:
(a) Parked in a short-term parking space with authorized valid payment;
(b) Parked in a loading zone in compliance with posted limits;
(c) Parked in a lot that does not require a permit during specified times as posted; or
(d) An emergency vehicle.
(4) The person who obtains a permit and the registered owner of the vehicle are responsible for assuring that the vehicle, regardless of who drives it, is parked in conformance with these regulations.
(5) If a parking permit holder cannot locate a parking space in the assigned lot, the holder may park in the next nearest parking lot and then must call parking services for reassignment.
(6) Motorcycle permit holders must park in areas designated for motorcycles.
(7) The student business office reserves the right to deny or revoke parking privileges to anyone who has:
(a) Had a permit revoked.
(b) Falsified a parking application or registration.
(c) Failed to pay outstanding citations.
(d) Been identified as a habitual offender.
(e) Removed a wheel lock without authorization.
(f) Been trespassed from campus.
(g) Failed to comply with parking services directions.
(h) Damaged university property while driving or parking on campus.
(i) Verbally abused or assaulted staff.
(8) The speed limit on campus is ten miles per hour or as posted. Drivers must operate vehicles in a careful and prudent manner at all times and must comply with established speed limits.
(9) Drivers of vehicles must obey all regulatory signs and comply with directions given by parking services and public safety staff and their designees.
(10) Drivers of vehicles must yield the right of way to pedestrians within the campus. This includes, but is not limited to, pedestrians crossing streets, roadways, and parking areas within the campus. Operators must also yield to pedestrians at intersections, clearly marked crosswalks, or city streets which cross the campus.
(11) Nonuniversity owned government vehicles may be parked in nonreserved spaces for a maximum of eight hours while the driver is on university business. Long-term parking is not permitted, nor is any parking allowed in reserved spaces except when a space is designated for that specific vehicle. Violations incurred are the responsibility of the driver.
(12) No person may utilize any vehicle parked on campus as a living unit without specific approval from the public safety director. Violators will be cited or towed.
(13) Vehicles are to be maintained in operating condition at all times on university property, except those in a garage, research facility, or automotive shop designated for parking such vehicles by the public safety director. Vehicle repairs or maintenance will not be made on campus unless authorization has been received in advance from the public safety director or designee.
(14) A vehicle which appears to be abandoned, with or without a current parking permit or license plates, may be impounded after an attempt is made to locate and notify the owner of the impending action.
(15) The university assumes no responsibility or liability under any circumstances for vehicles or bicycles parked on campus nor does it assume any liability in connection with its parking program. No bailment of any sort is created by the issuance of a permit.
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