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PDFWAC 516-12-440

Parking areas.

(1) Parking is prohibited in any area not specifically marked as a parking space, designated by a sign, wheelstop, whitepainted lines, and/or white traffic buttons.
(2) Vehicles may park only where assigned by permit except as provided in WAC 516-12-430 (3) or (11).
(3) Spaces designated for specific use are restricted for that designated purpose.
(a) Parking in loading zones is limited to the time posted.
(b) Motorcycles must only be parked in designated "M" lots or at short-term spaces with payment. Motorcycles may not use space assigned to automobiles or bicycles, unless parked at a short-term space with authorized valid payment.
(c) Automobiles are prohibited from parking in areas assigned to motorcycles.
(d) Bicycles must only be parked as provided in chapter 516-13 WAC, Bicycles, mopeds, and other powered devices.
(e) Resident student "R" lots are restricted to permit holders as assigned twenty-four hours per day unless otherwise posted.
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