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WAC 456-12-095

Requesting public records.

(1) A person may make an informal request to inspect or copy the board's public records, or to receive a copy of an identifiable public record, by contacting the board's office. The board will accept informal requests that are received in person or by mail, telephone, fax, or email.
(2) The board may require a person making an informal request to submit a formal written request.
(3) All formal written requests will include the following information:
(a) The name and address of the person making the request.
(b) The date on which the request is made.
(c) A description of the requested records by docket number, appellant name, subject matter, or other means that will allow the board's staff to identify the requested records and make them available.
(d) A signed statement that the requested records will not be used for commercial purposes if a list of individuals is included in the material requested.
(4) The board's staff will assist any person making an informal or a formal request in identifying the requested records.
(5) No public record will be removed from the board's office.
(6) No public record will be marked or damaged in any way during inspection or copying.
(7) Within five business days of receiving a request for public records, the board will respond by either:
(a) Providing the records;
(b) Acknowledging in writing that the board has received the request and providing a reasonable estimate of the time the board will need to respond to the request; or
(c) Denying the request.
[Statutory Authority: [RCW 82.03.170.] WSR 99-13-098, ยง 456-12-095, filed 6/15/99, effective 7/16/99.]
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