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PDFWAC 391-55-110

Dispute resolution panel—Membership.

The commission shall establish and maintain a panel of individuals qualified to serve in an impartial capacity in the resolution of labor disputes.
(1) Applicants for membership on the dispute resolution panel shall demonstrate minimum background and experience equal to the minimum qualifications for the working level positions on the professional staff of the commission:
(a) A master's degree in labor relations, personnel management or industrial relations or closely allied field, or a law degree; and
(b) At least three years of experience in collective bargaining with major work assignments in negotiations, contract administration or related work as a union or management representative, mediator, arbitrator or educator in the above areas; and
(c) Additional qualifying experience shall substitute, year for year, for education.
(2) Applicants for membership on the dispute resolution panel shall furnish letters of recommendation supporting their acceptability as an impartial from:
(a) At least one management representative; and
(b) At least one union representative; and
(c) At least one impartial arbitrator, mediator or labor relations administrative agency official.
(d) All letters of recommendation submitted under subsections (a) through (c) of this section shall be signed and dated within two years of the date of the application for membership. Additionally, any letter of recommendation submitted in support of an applicant should be on official letterhead or contain recent contact information for the author of the letter of recommendation.
(3) Applicants who desire to be referred for interest arbitration proceedings shall demonstrate their experience as an impartial in at least five grievance arbitration, fact finding or interest arbitration cases, by submitting copies of arbitration awards which can be provided, upon request, to parties selecting an interest arbitrator.
(4) Applicants for membership on the dispute resolution panel shall submit, in the form specified by the executive director, information on their background, qualifications, professional certifications and affiliations. All information submitted shall be subject to administrative verification.
(5) Applications of persons appearing to be qualified for membership on the panel shall be forwarded to the commission for consideration and action. The commission shall review each application submitted to it, together with the supporting letters of recommendation, and shall notify the applicant of the determination made.
(6) Whenever it appears to the commission that an applicant or member of the dispute resolution panel has failed or refused to comply with applicable statutes, rules and ethical standards, the application shall be rejected or the member shall be removed from the dispute resolution panel. A member shall also be removed from the panel if he or she has:
(a) Ceased accepting appointments as an impartial in the resolution of labor disputes; or
(b) Failed to keep the agency informed of their current address and telephone number.
(7) Persons referred from the dispute resolution panel shall be impartial. No active member of the dispute resolution panel may serve in any capacity as an advocate or representative for either labor or management in labor relations matters. Any member of the panel who intends to engage in advocacy work shall notify the executive director and shall be placed on inactive status while their advocacy work continues.
(8) Upon appointment to the dispute resolution panel by the commission, the panel member may be placed under contract pursuant to chapter 39.29 RCW. Only persons listed on the panel shall be compensated by the agency under a personal service contract.
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