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PDFWAC 390-20-144

Registration and reporting by lobbyist organizations.

(1) Any firm, company, association, or similar organization required to register as a lobbyist must file one registration statement (L-1 Report) for each employer for which the organization will lobby.
(a) The lobbying organization will include with the registration statement a photo and the biographical information required by RCW 42.17A.605 for each individual agent of the organization who is authorized to lobby for that particular employer.
(b) If the agent is authorized to lobby for several employers, only one photo and biographical sheet need be submitted.
(c) The organization must notify the PDC electronically when there is any change in the employment or assignment of agents who lobby.
(2) One monthly expenditure report (L-2 Report) must be submitted showing all expenditures made by the organization and its agents. It is unnecessary to prorate or attribute expenditures to individual agents of the organization. However, expenditures for entertainment exceeding fifty dollars per occasion must identify the individual agent(s) who were present at the occasion. The L-2 Report must be signed by the president or chief executive officer of the lobbying organization.
(3) If any individual agent of the organization ceases to lobby or the organization terminates that agent's authority to lobby, the organization must make such notation electronically on the L-2 Report of the termination.
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