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PDFWAC 388-101-4240

Informal dispute resolution.

(1) When a service provider disagrees with the department's finding of a violation or certification action under this chapter, the service provider may request an informal dispute resolution meeting with the department.
(2) The service provider must make a written request to the department for an informal dispute resolution meeting within ten working days of receipt of the written notice of the department's final report of findings and/or certification action.
(3) The service provider must submit a written statement identifying the challenged action, and include specifically the issues and regulations involved.
(4) Except for the imposition of civil penalties, the effective date of enforcement actions may not be delayed or suspended pending any hearing or informal dispute resolution process.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 71A.12, 74.34, and 74.39A RCW. WSR 16-18-040, § 388-101-4240, filed 8/30/16, effective 9/30/16. Statutory Authority: Chapter 71A.12 RCW. WSR 08-02-022, § 388-101-4240, filed 12/21/07, effective 2/1/08.]
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