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PDFWAC 388-101-4205

RemediesSpecificSuspend department referrals (stop placement).

(1) The department may suspend referrals to the service provider for noncompliance with the requirements of this chapter, the department's residential services contract, the requirements of chapter 74.34 RCW, or other relevant federal, state, and local laws.
(2) Once the department suspends referrals, the service provider may not admit new referrals until the department lifts its suspension.
(3) The department may lift its suspension if it finds the following:
(a) The service provider has corrected the deficiencies that necessitated the suspension of the department referrals; and
(b) The service provider has shown the capacity to maintain the corrective action addressed by the suspension of department referrals.
(4) After a department finding of a violation for which a suspension of department referrals has been imposed, the department must make an on-site revisit of the service provider within fifteen working days from the deficiency correction date documented on an acceptable plan of correction. If the deficiency correction date had occurred prior to the department being notified, the department must make an on-site revisit within fifteen working days from the date the department receives the acceptable plan of correction from the service provider.
(5) If during the service provider's suspension period, the department finds a new violation that it reasonably believes will result in a new suspension or limited suspension of department referrals, the service provider's current suspension will remain in effect until the department imposes the new suspension or limited suspension of department referrals.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 71A.12, 74.34, and 74.39A RCW. WSR 16-18-040, § 388-101-4205, filed 8/30/16, effective 9/30/16.]
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