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PDFWAC 36-12-360


(1) Promoters shall not release the names of boxing contestants in an event to the media or otherwise publicize a contest unless a boxer/promoter contract has been signed and the contest approved by the department.
(2) Promoters shall not schedule an event intermission that exceeds twenty minutes.
(3) Promoters shall dispense drinks only in plastic or paper containers.
(4) Advance notices for all boxing shows must be in the office of the department seven days prior to the holding of any boxing show. In addition to the regular scheduled boxers the advance notice must show the names of boxers engaged by the promoter for an emergency bout.
(5) Changes in announced or advertised programs for any contest must be approved prior to the contest by the department. Notice of such change or substitution must also be given to the press, conspicuously posted at the box office, and announced from the ring before the opening contest. If any ticket holders desire a refund, such refund shall be made at the box office prior to the start of the first contest.
(6) The promoter of an event shall contract with each boxer for a contest. Original contracts shall be filed with the department at least five days prior to the event. The contract shall be on a form supplied by the department and contain at least the following:
(a) The weight of the boxer at weigh-in;
(b) The amount of the purse to be paid for the contest;
(c) The date and location of the contest;
(d) Any other payment or consideration provided to the boxer;
(e) List of all fees, charges and expenses including training expenses that will be assessed to the boxer or deducted from the boxer's purse;
(f) Any reduction in a boxer's purse contrary to a previous agreement between the promoter and the boxer; and
(g) The amount of any compensation or consideration that a promoter has contracted to receive from a match.
(7) If a boxer/promoter contract is renegotiated, the promoter shall provide the department with the contract at least two hours prior to an event's scheduled start time.
(8) If the information from the contract in subsection (6)(e), (f), and (g) of this section is discloseable under Washington state public disclosure law, the promoter may instead provide the information to the Association of Boxing Commissions instead of including the information in the boxer/promoter contract.
(9) A promoter for an event shall not be a manager for a boxer who is contracted for ten rounds or more of boxing at that event or have direct or indirect financial interest in a boxer in the event.
(10) The promoter of an event shall provide payments for the boxers' purses and event official's fee in the form of checks or money orders to the department prior to an event. The department may allow other forms of payment if arranged in advance. The department shall pay the boxers and officials immediately after the event, but not later than seventy-two hours from the conclusion of the event.
(11) Promoters shall provide seats for event officials and department representatives at ringside for each event.
(12) Promoters shall provide an ambulance or paramedical unit with transport and resuscitation capabilities, with a minimum of two attendants, to be present at the event location at all times during the event.
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