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PDFWAC 36-12-320


(1) A boxer whose manager has been suspended under chapter 67.08 RCW may continue boxing during the term of such suspension, signing his/her own boxer/promoter contract.
(2) Boxers scheduled for a contest shall sign a letter of agreement with the department accepting temporary suspension of their license if they receive an injury during the contest. The schedule for suspensions is:
(a) Thirty days for a technical knockout;
(b) Sixty days for a knockout;
(c) A period of time different than (a) and (b) of this subsection if serious injury or condition is detected by the event physician during the post fight physical; and
(d) A period of time or an indefinite period of time if serious injury or condition is detected by the event physician. If the suspension is for an indefinite period of time, the boxer may not box again without an examination completed by a physician who has provided written certification to the department that the medical condition no longer exists.
(3) If at any time a boxer's ability to perform is questionable, whether for reasons of health, mental condition, or no longer possessing the ability to compete or for any other reason, the department may recommend that the boxer be retired from further competition.
(4) Boxers who have been recommended for retirement have a right to a hearing under chapter 34.05 RCW, the Administrative Procedure Act.
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