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PDFWAC 36-12-300


(1) Judges shall be provided scorecards by the inspector. Judges shall score each round of the contest using the scorecard, sign it at the conclusion of the round and turn it in to the referee or designated official. The referee or designated official shall turn the scorecards in to the inspector who verifies the addition on the scorecards and gives the outcome of the contest to the announcer who announces the outcome to the audience.
(2) Judges shall score all contests using the "ten-point-must system." If a judge determines that both of the boxers are even in a round, each boxer receives ten points for the round. No fraction of points shall be given to a boxer for a round.
(3) If the outcome of an incomplete contest is determined by using the scorecards of the judges, all rounds including partially completed rounds will be scored. If no action has occurred, the round should be scored as an even round at the discretion of the judges.
(4) Judges shall only deduct points from a boxer's score when instructed by the referee. If the referee penalizes either contestant, then the appropriate points shall be deducted when the inspector calculates the final score.
(5) Prior to an event, each judge shall disclose to the department all considerations, including reimbursement for expenses, which will be received from any source for participation at an event. Disclosure shall be made on a form supplied by the department.
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