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PDFWAC 308-66-150

Warranty practices.

(1) It shall not be considered unlawful under the provisions of RCW 46.70.180 (14)(f) for a vehicle manufacturer to provide under the terms of any warranty that a purchaser of a vehicle must make warranty claims against only the manufacturer of an integral part of a vehicle if the manufacturer of that integral part has assumed a direct warranty obligation thereon to the purchaser and does, in fact, provide facilities or agencies within the states of Washington, Oregon or Idaho to discharge such warranty obligation.
(2) No manufacturer need make reimbursement under RCW 46.70.101 (2)(j) except to dealers selling its product at retail or to the dealers holding units purchased from the manufacturer for resale at retail: Provided, however, That if the warranty agreement between the dealer and the manufacturer requires prior approval by the manufacturer, such approval must be given within a reasonable time and in no event later than ten days, except in emergency situations where the life, health, or safety of the occupant or owner requires immediate action.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.70.160. WSR 96-19-025, § 308-66-150, filed 9/9/96, effective 10/10/96. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.70.160 - 46.70.180. WSR 90-20-086, § 308-66-150, filed 9/28/90, effective 10/29/90; Order MV-446, § 308-66-150, filed 9/16/77; Order MV 170, § 308-66-150, filed 7/16/73; Order 70-08-04, § 308-66-150, filed 8/6/70; Order 69-1, § 308-66-150, filed 8/28/69; Order 2, § 308-66-150, filed 1/29/68.]
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