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PDFWAC 308-66-145

Established place of business—Waiver procedure.

How may I obtain a place of business waiver?
(1) An applicant for a vehicle dealer license, or a licensee, who requests a waiver of any established place of business requirement(s) must submit the following to the department:
(a) All applicable documents and fees in RCW 46.70.041, 46.70.061, 46.70.070, WAC 308-66-120, and 308-66-140.
(b) A written request for the waiver, in the form of either a letter or a request completed on the department's prescribed form, which requires the following minimum information:
(i) Specific nature or type of activity the applicant intends to conduct,
(ii) Specific element(s) of the established place of business requirements requested to be waived,
(iii) Detailed statement which identifies the unique circumstances necessitating the request for waiver, and,
(iv) Any other information the department may require.
(2) Upon receipt by the department of all the required information, the director or the director's designee will review the request for waiver of any established place of business requirement(s) and issue a final determination in writing.
(3) A waiver granted under section (2) will remain in effect only as long as the unique circumstance(s) under which the waiver was originally granted have not changed or until the director terminates the waiver.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.70.160. WSR 04-16-090, § 308-66-145, filed 8/3/04, effective 9/3/04; WSR 98-20-039, § 308-66-145, filed 9/30/98, effective 10/31/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.70.160 and 1986 c 199 § 1. WSR 87-01-016 (Order DLR 115), § 308-66-145, filed 12/9/86.]
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