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PDFWAC 308-48-031

Funeral establishment facility, equipment, and embalming and preparation room standards.

A funeral establishment or branch establishment shall:
(1) Have an exclusive area/office at an identified location for conducting the business which is accessible to the public.
(2) Provide private and secure area(s) for holding human remains which will include:
(a) A mechanically or commercially acceptable refrigerated holding area of adequate capacity for unembalmed remains with a maximum temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit or as determined by chapter 246-500 WAC;
(b) A sink with hot and cold running water;
(c) Covered receptacles for soiled linens, bandages, refuse and other waste materials which meet OSHA, WISHA, department of health and any other applicable regulations;
(d) Adequate chemicals for the disinfection of human remains and the equipment used in handling and caring for human remains;
(e) Chemical storage that meets OSHA, WISHA, department of health and any other applicable regulations.
(3) Provide rest rooms that are available for staff and the public.
(4) In the case where the holding of human remains is not provided at this facility, provide the identification of the facility upon request to the board and the individual or individuals that has/have the right to control the disposition of the human remains where this establishment or branch provides for the holding and/or preparation of the human remains entrusted to its care (this off-site facility must meet the requirements of subsection (2) of this section).
(5) Provide for the privacy of uncasketed human remains in vehicles used for transportation of the remains by screening, curtains, or adequately tinted windows.
(6) Provide a room used exclusively for embalming human remains if embalming is performed at the establishment or branch. Such room shall be maintained and kept in a clean sanitary condition. Every embalming and preparation room shall be constructed, equipped, and maintained as follows:
(a) The surfaces of the floor, walls, and ceiling shall be covered with tile or other hard, smooth, impervious washable material.
(b) The room shall be adequately lighted and adequately ventilated. The ventilation shall be provided by an exhaust fan and shall comply with OSHA/WISHA standards.
(c) The room shall be equipped and provided with hot and cold running water, a utility sink, and cabinets, closets or shelves for instruments and supplies.
(d) The room shall be equipped with adequate sewage and waste disposal and drainage facilities and systems and comply with OSHA/WISHA standards.
(e) The doors shall be tight closing and rigid and any windows of the room shall be so maintained as to obstruct any view into such room. The room's entry door(s) must be labeled "Private" or "Authorized Entry Only," and must be locked at all times.
(f) The embalming or preparation table shall be nonporous.
(g) The room shall be equipped with proper and convenient covered receptacles for biohazard refuse.
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