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PDFWAC 296-05-005

WSATC officers, members, and administrator duties.

(1) Officers: The WSATC shall have three officers. The chair and vice chair shall be elected by majority vote of the WSATC members present. Election takes place in odd-numbered years at the regular quarterly meeting in April. Once elected, officers remain in office for a term of two years, until the successor is elected, or until resignation, incapacitation, or death. Officers follow Robert's Rules of Order to conduct meetings. Officers may have other powers and duties as provided in these rules and by law. The secretary, chair, and vice chair are required officers, as described in chapter 49.04 RCW and these rules:
(a) Secretary: The supervisor of the apprenticeship section of the department of labor and industries is the secretary of the WSATC. The secretary, with the assistance of a recording secretary, takes minutes of all special and regular meetings. Minutes are kept in the supervisor's office.
(b) Chair: The presiding officer at all meetings. The chair may vote on and participate in discussion about all matters before the WSATC as a regular member.
(c) Vice chair: Presides over meetings in the absence of the chair. Holds all the powers of the chair when the chair is absent.
(2) Members: WSATC members are appointed for three-year terms and remain on the council until replaced by a qualified successor. When vacancies occur, vacancies must be filled.
(a) Voting members: The director of the department of labor and industries appoints three voting members from employer organizations, three voting members from employee organizations, and a public member.
(b) Nonvoting members: The WSATC may also include members who may participate in discussion of matters before the WSATC, but they may not vote.
(3) Administrator: The supervisor serves as the WSATC administrator and is the supervisor of the apprenticeship section of the department of labor and industries.
(4) All amendments to this chapter must be developed and adopted according to the provisions of chapter 49.04 RCW, Apprenticeship Act; chapter 34.05 RCW, Administrative Procedure Act; and Executive Order 97-02. All proposed amendments to these rules must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of regular WSATC members before they are published for public hearing. All WSATC members, the apprenticeship supervisor, committees and any other interested parties must be promptly notified, in writing, of any proposed rule amendments, public hearings on proposed rule amendments and new rule adoptions.
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