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PDFWAC 284-17-550

Prelicensing insurance education course standards.

(1) No prelicensing insurance education course will be approved unless the Washington insurance statutes and rules applicable to the specific line are incorporated into the curriculum for the line of authority.
(2) To qualify for approval, each course must use study materials that include all required curriculum, as set forth in the examination content outline published in the candidate handbook for each line of authority. The candidate handbook is available through the commissioner's website at
(3) Each prelicensing insurance education course must be broken into individual lesson components covering the prescribed curriculum and the table of contents must include all examination content outline topics.
(a) The course may include instruction on related subject matter; however, any optional subject matter must be designated as supplementary and must be provided as an addition to the prescribed curriculum hours set forth in WAC 284-17-510.
(b) The provider must certify that the study materials include all of the prescribed curriculum.
(4) No prelicensing insurance education course may be represented as approved until the approved prelicensing insurance education provider has received the commissioner's written approval of the instructor and of the course.
(a) Approved prelicensing insurance education providers must apply to the commissioner for amended course approval if any of the following changes or revisions will be made before the original course approval expiration date:
(i) Change of study materials; or
(ii) Change of location.
(b) Amended approval, if granted, is valid only until the original course approval expiration date.
(5) Detailed requirements of course content are available on the commissioner's website at
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