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PDFWAC 246-491-039

Obtaining confidential information on birth and fetal death records.

(1) The confidential sections of birth and fetal death records shall not be released except upon order of a court with jurisdiction over the department or as specified in subsection (2) of this section.
(2) The individual who is the subject of a birth record may request the confidential information as described in (c) of this subsection related to their own birth record if they comply with the following requirements:
(a) An individual must submit a request to the department on the required form and provide proper identity documentation as described in (b) of this subsection.
(b) Any person requesting confidential information contained in their own birth record must provide the department with valid proof of identity. For the purpose of this section, proof of identity means:
(i) A current and valid government issued identification that contains a photograph.
(ii) A legal record documenting any name change, if needed, to verify that the individual and the subject of the birth record are the same person.
(iii) If the individual making the request is not applying in person, a notarized signature of the individual making the request must be included with the proof of identity.
(c) The department shall, upon receipt of a request that complies with (a) and (b) of this subsection to the satisfaction of the state registrar, provide the individual with only the following items, if available, from their birth record:
(i) Newborn medical record number;
(ii) Birth weight;
(iii) Infant head circumference;
(iv) Obstetric estimate of gestation;
(v) Apgar scores;
(vi) Infant transferred within twenty-four hours of delivery;
(vii) Abnormal conditions of the newborn; and
(viii) Congenital anomalies of the newborn.
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