Chapter 70.58 RCW


RCW Sections

70.58.010Registration districts.
70.58.020Local registrars -- Deputies.
70.58.030Duties of local registrars.
70.58.040Compensation of local registrars.
70.58.050Duty to enforce law.
70.58.055Certificates generally.
70.58.061Electronic and hard copy transmission.
70.58.065Local registrar use of electronic databases.
70.58.070Registration of births required.
70.58.080Birth certificates -- Filing -- Establishing paternity -- Surname of child.
70.58.082Vital records -- Rules -- Release of copies.
70.58.085Birth certificates suitable for display -- Issuance -- Fee -- Disposition of funds.
70.58.095New certificate of birth -- Legitimation, paternity -- Substitution for original -- Inspection of original, when -- When delayed registration required.
70.58.100Supplemental report on name of child.
70.58.104Reproductions of vital records -- Disclosure of information for research purposes -- Furnishing of birth and death records by local registrars.
70.58.107Fees charged by department and local registrars.
70.58.110Delayed registration of births -- Authorized.
70.58.120Delayed registration of births -- Application -- Evidence required.
70.58.130Delayed registration of births -- Where registered -- Copy as evidence.
70.58.145Order establishing record of birth when delayed registration not available -- Procedure.
70.58.150"Fetal death," "evidence of life," defined.
70.58.160Certificate of death or fetal death required.
70.58.170Certificate of death or fetal death -- By whom filed.
70.58.175Certificate of death -- Domestic partnership information.
70.58.180Certificate when no physician, physician's assistant, or advanced registered nurse practitioner in attendance -- Legally accepted cause of death.
70.58.190Permit to dispose of human remains when cause of death undetermined.
70.58.210Birth certificate upon adoption.
70.58.230Permits for burial, removal, etc., required -- Removal to another district without permit, notice to registrar, fee.
70.58.240Duties of funeral directors.
70.58.250Burial-transit permit -- Requisites.
70.58.260Burial grounds -- Duties of individual in charge of the premises.
70.58.270Data on inmates of hospitals, etc.
70.58.380Certificates for out-of-state marriage license requirements.
70.58.390Certificates of presumed death.
70.58.400Certificate of death -- Presence of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
70.58.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.


Vital statistics
   duties of state registrar: RCW 43.70.160.
   registration of: RCW 43.70.150.