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PDFWAC 246-243-240

Appendix BGeneral guidelines for inspection of radiography equipment.

(1) Panoramic devices (devices in which the source is physically removed from shielded container during exposure) should be inspected for:
(a) Radiographic exposure unit;
(i) Abnormal surface radiation levels anywhere on camera;
(ii) Condition of safety plugs;
(iii) Proper operation of locking mechanism;
(iv) Condition of pigtail connector;
(v) Alignment of "S" tube with exit port;
(vi) Condition of carrying device (for example, straps and handles);
(vii) Proper labeling;
(b) Source tube;
(i) Rust, corrosion, dirt, or sludge buildup inside the source tube;
(ii) Condition of source tube connector;
(iii) Condition of source stop;
(iv) Kinks or damage that could prevent proper operation;
(c) Control cables and drive mechanism;
(i) Proper drive mechanism for this camera, if appropriate;
(ii) Changes in general operating characteristics;
(iii) Condition of connector on drive cable;
(iv) Drive cable flexibility, wear, and rust;
(v) Excessive wear or damage to crank assembly parts;
(vi) Damage to drive cable conduit that could prevent the cable from moving freely;
(vii) Connection of the control cable connector with the pigtail connector for proper mating;
(viii) Proper operation of source position indicator, if applicable.
(2) Directional beam devices should be inspected for:
(a) Abnormal surface radiation;
(b) Changes in the general operating characteristics of the unit;
(c) Proper operation of shutter mechanism;
(d) Chafing or binding of shutter mechanism;
(e) Damage to the device which might impair its operation;
(f) Proper operation of locking mechanism;
(g) Proper drive mechanism with this camera, if appropriate;
(h) Condition of carrying device (for example, straps and handles);
(i) Proper labeling.
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