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PDFWAC 246-243-060

Locking of radiographic exposure devices.

(1) Each radiographic exposure device shall be provided with a lock or outerlocked container designed to prevent unauthorized or accidental production of radiation or removal or exposure of a sealed source and shall be locked when returned to the shielded position at all times. If it is a keyed-lock, the key shall be removed at all times when not under the direct surveillance of a radiographer or a radiographer's assistant except at permanent radiographic installations as stated in WAC 246-243-170. In addition, during radiographic operations the sealed source assembly shall be locked in the shielded position each time the source is returned to that position.
(2) Each sealed source storage container and source changer shall have a lock or outer locked container designed to prevent unauthorized or accidental removal of the sealed source from its shielded position. Storage containers and source changers shall be kept locked (and if a keyed-lock, with the key removed at all times) when containing sealed sources except when under the direct surveillance of a radiographer or a radiographer's assistant.
(3) Radiographic exposure devices, source changers, and storage containers, prior to being moved from one location to another and also prior to being secured at a given location, shall be locked and surveyed to assure that the sealed source is in the shielded position.
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