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PDFWAC 212-80-098

Fees for certificate holder.

There are three separate fees that may apply:
(1) Application fee is fifty dollars only charged once when a person makes the initial application for any of the certificates specified in this section. As long as the certificate holder maintains continuous certification, the certificate holder is not required to pay a subsequent application fee.
(2) Annual certification fee is fifty dollars paid each year the certificate holder applies for certification renewal. The annual renewal fee:
(a) Is in addition to the initial application fee paid for the initial application; and
(b) Does not apply to journey, residential, or trainee sprinkler fitter certifications.
(3) Prorated fee is the initial certification fee prorated based on the portion of the year the certification is in effect before renewal on January 1st.
(a) Prorated fees are allowed only for the initial certificate.
(b) Renewals or reinstatements will not be prorated.
The prorated fees are as follows:
Annual Certificate Prorated Fees
(4) Certificate fees are nonrefundable once the certificate has been issued.
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