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PDFWAC 173-400-036

Relocation of portable sources.

(1) Applicability.
(a) Portable sources that meet the requirements of this section may without obtaining a site-specific or permitting authority-specific order of approval relocate and operate in any jurisdiction in which the permitting authority has adopted this section by reference. The owner or operator of a portable source may file a new notice of construction application in compliance with WAC 173-400-110 each time the portable source relocates in lieu of participating in the inter-jurisdictional provisions in this section.
(b) Permitting authority participation in the inter-jurisdictional provisions of this section is optional. This section applies only in those jurisdictions where the permitting authority has adopted it. Nothing in this section affects a permitting authority's ability to enter into an agreement with another permitting authority to allow inter-jurisdictional relocation of a portable source under conditions other than those listed here except that subsection (2) of this section applies statewide.
(c) This section applies to sources that move from the jurisdiction of one permitting authority to the jurisdiction of another permitting authority, inter-jurisdictional relocation. This section does not apply to intra-jurisdictional relocation.
(d) Engines subject to WAC 173-400-035 Nonroad engines are not portable sources subject to this section.
(2) Portable sources in nonattainment areas. If a portable source is locating in a nonattainment area and if the source emits the pollutants or pollutant precursors for which the area is classified as nonattainment, then the source must acquire a site-specific order of approval.
(3) Major stationary sources. If a portable source is a major stationary source then it must also comply with WAC 173-400-700 through 173-400-750 as applicable.
(4) Relocation requirements. Portable sources are allowed to operate at a new location without obtaining an order of approval from the permitting authority with jurisdiction over the new location provided that:
(a) A permitting authority in Washington state issued a notice of construction order of approval for the portable source after July 1, 2010, identifying the emission units as a "portable source";
(b) The owner/operator of the portable source submits a relocation notice on a form provided by the permitting authority and a copy of the applicable portable source order of approval to the permitting authority with jurisdiction over the intended operation location a minimum of fifteen calendar days before the portable source begins operation at the new location;
(c) The owner/operator submits the emission inventory required under WAC 173-400-105 to each permitting authority in whose jurisdiction the portable source operated during the preceding year. The data must be sufficient in detail to enable each permitting authority to calculate the emissions within its jurisdiction and the yearly aggregate.
(d) Operation at any location under this provision is limited to one year or less. Operations lasting more than one year must obtain a site specific order of approval.
(5) Enforcement of the order of approval. The permitting authority with jurisdiction over the location where a portable source is operating has authority to enforce the conditions of the order of approval that authorizes the portable source operation, regardless of which permitting authority issued the order of approval. All persons who receive an order of approval must comply with all approval conditions contained in the order of approval.
(6) Change of conditions to orders of approval. To change the conditions in an order of approval, the owner/operator must obtain a new order of approval from the permitting authority with jurisdiction over the portable source.
(7) Portable source modification. Prior to beginning actual construction or installation of a modification of a portable source, the owner/operator must obtain a new order of approval from the permitting authority with jurisdiction over the portable source.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.94 RCW. WSR 12-24-027 (Order 11-10), § 173-400-036, filed 11/28/12, effective 12/29/12; WSR 11-06-060 (Order 09-01), § 173-400-036, filed 3/1/11, effective 4/1/11.]
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