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PDFWAC 173-312-010

Purpose and authority.

(1) The purpose of this chapter is to:
(a) Set forth requirements for financial assistance under the Model Toxics Control Act, RCW 70.105D.070(3).
(b) Provide financial assistance for local programs in accordance with chapters 70.95, 70.95C, 70.95I, and 70.105 RCW.
Programs include local hazardous waste planning and implementation, local solid waste planning and implementation, and enforcement of rules and regulations governing solid waste handling. Planning, implementation, and enforcement are designed to prevent or minimize environmental contamination resulting from improper management or disposal of waste.
(2) A further purpose of this chapter is to establish a structure for the administration of local solid waste financial assistance funded from the local toxics control accounts authorized by RCW 82.21.030. The administrative structure may be extended to other waste management financial assistance programs using other funding sources.
(3) The purposes of local solid waste financial assistance are to:
(a) Promote regional solutions and intergovernmental cooperation for efficient implementation of programs and eligible-projects under this chapter.
(b) Prevent or minimize environmental contamination by providing financial assistance to local governments to help them comply with state and local solid and hazardous waste laws and rules.
(c) Provide financial assistance for local solid and hazardous waste planning, and for implementation of eligible programs and projects in those plans.
(d) Provide for the enforcement of rules and regulations promulgated under chapter 70.95 RCW.
(e) Encourage local responsibility for solid and hazardous waste management.
(f) Improve efficiency, consistency, reliability, and accountability for administration of local solid waste financial assistance.
Copies of all cited statutes, rules, and guidelines are available at the Department of Ecology, Records Management, P.O. Box 47600, Olympia, Washington 98504-7600.
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