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PDFWAC 132T-90-100

Hearing procedure.

(1) Any person objecting to a denial of a request for any college record relating to a student, or any student who contests whether the transfer of any college record relating to him is permitted under these regulations, may petition for prompt review of such denial or written objection to transfer. Such written request shall:
(a) Be served upon any one of the public records officers who are listed in WAC 132T-90-090;
(b) Demand prompt review; and
(c) In the case of objection to transfer, specifically reference the party to whom he does not want the record transferred and contain a written statement by the record custodian denying the person's request.
Upon receipt of a proper written objection to transfer of a student record, the college public records officer shall cause such records to not be transferred pending outcome of the hearing proceeding provided for in these regulations.
(2) Within ten days after receipt of the written request by a person petitioning for prompt review of a decision by a custodian of student records, the president of the college or his designee shall consider such petition.
(3) The president or his designee may at the end of the ten day period either meet the objecting party's objection and advise him of the same in writing, or in the alternative, set the matter up for a hearing before a hearing officer designated by the president or the president's designee. Such hearing shall be conducted within thirty days after the objecting party served his objections on the college's public records officer(s) and shall be an informal hearing. The president or his designee shall determine the time and place for such hearing. At the hearing, the objecting party shall further explain and identify his exact purpose for seeking the record he has been denied or why he has lodged objections to transfer of a student record. Failure by the person requesting the review to appear at such informal hearing shall be deemed a waiver of that person's right to insist upon completion of the review of his request.
(4) During the course of the informal hearing conducted by the president, his designee, or by anyone appointed by the president or his designee, the person conducting the hearing shall consider the obligation of the college to fully comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, but shall also consider the exemptions provided in the course of these regulations. A record shall be made of the informal hearing by mechanical transcriptions or any other means satisfactory to the college.
(5) Within ten days after the hearing has occurred, the president, or his designee, or the hearing officer appointed to conduct the informal hearing shall provide the objecting party with a written decision, which decision shall be binding upon the college and upon the objecting party.
[Order 75-5, ยง 132T-90-100, filed 5/20/75.]
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