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PDFWAC 132T-180-030

Communications with employees' representatives.

The board of trustees of Community College District No. 20 recognizes that it is necessary to communicate effectively with its academic employees in the course of exercising its authority, duties and responsibilities imposed by law. Now, therefore, it is the intent of District No. 20 to comply with chapter 28B.52 RCW as now existing or hereafter amended, and meet, confer, and negotiate pursuant to these rules at the request of Walla Walla Community College education association (hereafter called the organization) prior to the adoption of policies proposed by the college relating, but not limited to curriculum, textbook selection, inservice training, student teaching programs, personnel, hiring and assignment practices, leaves of absence, salaries and salary schedules and noninstructional duties. Following such negotiations as are initiated by the organization on proposed policies the board may adopt appropriate policies thereon as provided for in WAC 132T-180-060.
[Order 73-14, ยง 132T-180-030, filed 8/30/73.]
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