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PDFWAC 132T-09-420

Duties of hearing officers.

(1) All hearing officers appointed in accordance with WAC 132T-09-400 shall conduct hearings in the same manner and shall have the same authority as provided in hearings by the board of trustees as set forth in these rules and in chapter 28B.19 RCW: Provided, That hearing officers shall only make proposals for decisions.
(2) The proposals for decisions and findings of fact and conclusions of law shall be forthwith served upon the parties and transmitted to the board of trustees, together with a record of the proceeding. Within ten days of service of such proposal for decisions, any party adversely affected may file exceptions and thereafter all parties may present written argument to the board of trustees, which shall consider the whole record or such portions as may be cited by the parties, and after such review the board shall announce its decision and final action to be taken.
(3) If a hearing officer is designated by the board of trustees of Walla Walla Community College to conduct a hearing pursuant to these rules, the board in its discretion may allow oral or written argument before making a final adjudication of the matter after it has received the proposal from the hearing officer. The board may limit the length of oral or written argument and impose reasonable limitations regarding the time and place of where arguments may be presented.
[Order 72-8, ยง 132T-09-420, filed 5/2/72.]
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