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PDFWAC 132T-09-350

Depositions upon interrogatories—Attestation and return.

The officer before whom interrogatories are verified or answered shall:
(1) Certify under his official signature and seal that the deponent was duly sworn by him, that the interrogatories and answers are a true record of the deponent's testimony, that no one except deponent, the officer and the stenographer were present during the taking, and that neither he nor the stenographer to his knowledge, is a party, privy to a party, or interested in the event of the proceedings, and
(2) Promptly send by registered or certified mail the original copy of the deposition and exhibits with his attestation to the agency, one copy to the counsel who submitted the interrogatories and another copy to the deponent.
[Order 72-8, § 132T-09-350, filed 5/2/72.]
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