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PDFWAC 132T-05-030

Additional qualifications in areas of specialization.

In addition to the general standards required by WAC 132T-05-020, the district board of trustees shall establish that candidates for appointment meet or exceed the following standards in their areas of specialization:
(1) Professional personnel performing services for which advanced degrees are normally available shall hold the equivalent of a master's degree in the field of their educational service from an accredited college or university or a bachelor's degree and extensive professional experience in the field of their educational service.
(2) Professional personnel in vocational fields or other specialized areas for which advanced degrees are not normally available shall have sufficiently broad and comprehensive training and work experience that particularly qualifies them to provide instruction in their area of specialization.
(3) Vocational education teaching personnel shall have recent work experience beyond the learning period as a fully qualified worker in the occupation to be taught. The minimum work experience shall be equal to the recognized learning period required to gain competence in the occupation, but in no case shall be less than two calendar years of full-time work or its equivalent. The learning period shall be the number of hours worked by full-time people during a two-year period in the occupation to be taught.
(a) Minimum work experience for apprenticeable occupations shall be equal to the learning period then currently registered with the state department of labor and industries.
(b) Minimum work experience in occupations requiring state licensing will be two calendar years subsequent to receipt of license, unless the occupation is also an apprenticeable trade.
(c) Minimum work experience for all other trades and occupations will be two calendar years of full-time employment or the equivalent which shall be the number of hours worked by full-time people during a two-year period in the occupation to be taught subsequent to the recognized learning period.
(d) Recent work experience shall be defined as employment full time for six months or the equivalent which shall be one-fourth of the hours defined as full-time equivalent in subsection (3) of this section in the occupation to be taught within the two years immediately preceding initial vocational certification.
(e) One year full-time employment shall mean that which is the standard for the occupation.
(4) All other vocational educational teaching personnel, including instructors of vocationally related courses, teachers' aides, lab assistants, and tutors, who do not meet the work experience and educational requirements specified above may be employed either on a full-time or part-time basis: Provided, That such individuals shall possess appropriate technical skills and knowledge in the specific program area assigned: Provided further, That such individuals shall work under the direct supervision of, or in direct coordination with, an appropriately certified professional. Community College District No. 20 shall maintain appropriate job descriptions for each position in this category.
(5) Vocational counselors shall meet the minimum work experience requirement by verifying work experience in one or more occupations other than professional education, which is cumulative to at least two years of full-time employment as defined in subsection (3) of this section. Vocational counselors shall be certified only if they have had preparation in vocational counseling, testing, and occupational information.
(6) General administrative personnel shall have advanced training or experience relevant to their assigned duties. The chief administrator shall hold an earned doctorate from an accredited university or have equivalent administrative expertise as demonstrated by successful performance of broad administrative responsibilities.
(7) Vocational administrative personnel, including the chief vocational education officer or other individual assigned to that responsibility (commonly referred to as the vocational director), and all other subordinate vocational education administrative personnel must have been employed as full-time vocational education instructors for at least three academic years or have equivalent teaching experience in industry or other public agencies, and they must have had at least two calendar years of accumulated experience in the capacity of a supervisor in education, business, industry, a public agency, or an equivalent volunteer community service. In addition, such individuals must have demonstrated to the employing agency a commitment to and understanding of vocational education. Industry and public agency experience will be evaluated at no more that a one-to-one basis.
(8) Persons employed prior to the effective date of this document shall comply with these standards unless they were qualified on the basis of standards which were in effect in the 1969 Washington state plan for vocational education. All persons shall comply with the provisions of WAC 132T-05-040 and 132T-05-050 regarding certification and renewal of certificates.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 34.04, 34.08 and 28B.19 RCW. WSR 82-07-011 (Resolution No. 82-5), § 132T-05-030, filed 3/8/82; Order 74-2, § 132T-05-030, filed 6/4/74; Order 71-5, § 132T-05-030, filed 1/27/71.]
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