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PDFWAC 132I-116-150

Parking within designated spaces.

(1) Vehicles on the Highline College campus shall be parked in designated parking areas only. These areas are marked by a curb, white lines, or signs. Parking on or over a line constitutes a violation.
(2) No motor vehicle may be parked in posted "no parking" and "fire lane" zones, within ten feet of a fire hydrant; on any area that has been landscaped or designed for landscaping; or on any paved walkway or unpaved pathway designated for pedestrian use. This prohibition shall not apply to vehicles operated by the college maintenance or public safety employees, by persons who have received express authorization from the public safety department, or emergency response vehicles.
(3) No motorcycles, motorized bicycles, scooters, or bicycles shall be parked inside a building, against a building or handrails, or sidewalk or other pedestrian pathway. Bicycles must be secured to racks as provided.
(4) Motor vehicles that have been parked in excess of seventy-two hours and that appear to be inoperable or abandoned may be impounded and stored at the expense of the owner and/or operator thereof, pursuant to WAC 132I-116-222.
(5) Persons seeking to park on campus longer than seventy-two hours must apply and receive authorization from the public safety department.
(6) All vehicles shall follow traffic arrows and other markings established for the purposes of directing traffic on campus.
(7) No vehicle shall be parked so as to occupy any portion of more than one parking space or stall as designated within the parking area. The fact that other vehicles may have been so parked as to require the vehicle parked to occupy a portion or more than one space or stall shall not constitute an excuse for violation of this section.
(8) No vehicle shall be parked on the campus except in those areas set aside and designated pursuant to WAC 132I-116-140.
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