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PDFWAC 132I-116-020


As used in this document, the following words shall mean:
(1) Campus: Any property or facility over which Highline College exercises control as the owner, lessee, or tenant.
(2) College: Highline College, or any additional community college hereafter established with Community College District 9, state of Washington, and collectively, those responsible for its control and operations.
(3) College community: Trustees, students, employees, and guests on college owned or controlled facilities.
(4) College facilities: Includes any or all property controlled or operated by the college.
(5) Student: Includes all persons attending or enrolled at the college, both full time and part time.
(6) Public safety and emergency management director: An employee of Highline Community College District 9, state of Washington, who is responsible to the vice president for administration for security, safety, parking, and traffic control at the college's campus.
(7) Registered vehicle: A vehicle registered with the public safety department.
(8) Motor vehicle: An automobile, truck, motor-driven cycle, scooter, or any vehicle powered by an engine or motor.
(9) Nonmotorized vehicle: Bicycles, skateboards, and other vehicles not equipped with engines or motors.
(10) Visitor: Any person(s), other than currently enrolled students or college employees, who is on the campus as a guest(s) or to visit the campus for meetings and/or other purposes.
(11) School year: Unless otherwise designated, the time period commencing with the summer quarter of the college calendar year and extending through the subsequent fall, winter, and spring quarters.
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