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PDFWAC 118-68-020


The following definitions shall apply when used in chapter 118-68 WAC:
(1) The "authority having jurisdiction" is defined as the fire chief for municipal corporations, or the county fire marshal or designee as appointed by the governing body for unincorporated areas.
(2) "Building unit identifier" means room number or equivalent designation of a specific portion of a structure, or an apartment number in multifamily residences.
(3) "Call back telephone number" means a phone number which can be called from the public switched network to be used by the public safety answering point to recontact the location from which the 911 call was placed. The number may or may not be the number of the station used to originate the 911 call.
(4) "Determination of noncompliance" means written notification that a system is not in compliance with this regulation. Information contained therein shall include, but not be limited to, system deficiencies requiring correction to bring the system into compliance and a date by which noted corrections shall be made.
(5) "Director of fire protection" means the state fire marshal or his/her designee.
(6) "Emergency location identification number (ELIN)" means a valid North American Numbering Plan format telephone number assigned to the MLTS operator by the appropriate authority that is used to route the call to a PSAP and is used to retrieve the ALI for the PSAP. The ELIN may be the same number as the ANI. The North American Numbering Plan number may in some cases not be a dialable number.
(7) "Emergency response location" means a location to which a 911 emergency response team may be dispatched. The location should be specific enough to provide a reasonable opportunity for the emergency response team to quickly locate a caller anywhere within it.
(8) "Fire official" means the person or his/her designee appointed by the city, town or county for the administration and enforcement of the Uniform Fire Code. Adopted by reference in the State Building Code, chapter 19.27 RCW and energy related building standards, chapter 19.27A RCW.
(9) "MLTS" means a multiline telephone system comprised of common control units, telephones and control hardware and software. This includes network and premises based systems and includes systems owned or leased by governmental agencies and nonprofit entities, as well as for profit businesses.
(10) "On-site notification" means a system capability whereby a call to 911 is directed through the 911 network to a public safety answering point and simultaneously to a display unit colocated with the fire alarm annunciator panel for the building which will display the caller's location to a minimum of the building unit identifier.
(11) "Public safety answering point (PSAP)" means a facility equipped and staffed to receive 911 calls.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 38.52.505. WSR 01-09-045, ยง 118-68-020, filed 4/13/01, effective 5/14/01.]
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