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Water bankingDepartment must maintain information on its web site.

(1)(a) The department must maintain information on its web site regarding water banking, including information on water banks and related programs in various areas of the state.
(b) The information maintained on the department's web site under this subsection must include a schedule or table for each water bank that shows:
(i) The amount charged for mitigation, including any fees;
(ii) If applicable, the priority date of the water rights made available for mitigation;
(iii) The amount of water made available for mitigation;
(iv) If applicable, any geographic areas in the state where the department may issue permits or other approvals to use the water rights associated with the water bank as mitigation;
(v) The processes utilized by the water bank to obtain approval from the department, or any other applicable governmental agency, to use the water rights as mitigation for new water uses; and
(vi) The nature of the ownership interest of the water right available to be conveyed to the landowner and whether the ownership interest will be recorded on the title.
(2) The department must update the schedule or table required under this section on a quarterly basis, using information provided to the department by the operator of each water bank. Any person operating a water bank in Washington must provide the information required under this section to the department upon request.
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