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*** CHANGE IN 2023 *** (SEE 1023.SL) ***
(1) Within thirty days after the expiration of an authorization or an extension or renewal thereof issued pursuant to RCW 9.73.090(2) as now or hereafter amended, the issuing or denying judge shall make a report to the administrator for the courts stating that:
(a) An authorization, extension or renewal was applied for;
(b) The kind of authorization applied for;
(c) The authorization was granted as applied for, was modified, or was denied;
(d) The period of recording authorized by the authorization and the number and duration of any extensions or renewals of the authorization;
(e) The offense specified in the authorization or extension or renewal of authorization;
(f) The identity of the person authorizing the application and of the investigative or law enforcement officer and agency for whom it was made;
(g) Whether an arrest resulted from the communication which was the subject of the authorization; and
(h) The character of the facilities from which or the place where the communications were to be recorded.
(2) In addition to reports required to be made by applicants pursuant to federal law, all judges of the superior court authorized to issue authority pursuant to this chapter shall make annual reports on the operation of this chapter to the administrator for the courts. The reports made under this subsection must include information on authorizations for the installation and use of pen registers and trap and trace devices under RCW 9.73.260. The reports by the judges shall contain (a) the number of applications made; (b) the number of authorizations issued; (c) the respective periods of such authorizations; (d) the number and duration of any renewals thereof; (e) the crimes in connection with which the communications or conversations were sought; (f) the names of the applicants; and (g) such other and further particulars as the administrator for the courts may require, except that the administrator for the courts shall not require the reporting of information that might lead to the disclosure of the identity of a confidential informant.
The chief justice of the supreme court shall annually report to the governor and the legislature on such aspects of the operation of this chapter as appropriate including any recommendations as to legislative changes or improvements to effectuate the purposes of this chapter and to assure and protect individual rights.


Severability1989 c 271: See note following RCW 9.94A.510.
Local government reimbursement claims: RCW 4.92.280.
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