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Divisions of certain districts requiredNumberDirectorsWho are electors.

An irrigation district comprising two hundred thousand or more acres, or irrigation districts comprising less than two hundred thousand acres which have followed the optional procedure specified in *this amendatory act, shall be divided into divisions of as nearly equal area as practical, consistent with being fair and equitable to the electors of the district. The number of divisions shall be the same as the number of directors, which shall be numbered first, second, third, etc. One director, who shall be an elector of the division, shall be elected for each division of the district by the electors of his or her division. A district elector shall be considered an elector of the division in which he or she holds title to or evidence of title to land. An elector holding title to or evidence of title to land in more than one division shall be considered an elector of the division nearest his or her place of residence.


*Reviser's note: The language "this amendatory act" refers to 1961 c 192 codified as RCW 87.04.010 through 87.04.900, 87.03.045, 87.03.080, 87.03.081, and 87.03.082.
DirectorsElection, terms, etc.: RCW 87.03.080 through 87.03.082.
Organization of board, meetings, etc.: RCW 87.03.115.
Qualifications of voters and directors: RCW 87.03.045.
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