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Resolution to construct drainage system.

Before entering upon the construction of any system of drainage for the land situated within such diking district, the commissioners thereof shall adopt a resolution which shall contain a brief and general description of the proposed improvement, a statement that the costs thereof shall be paid by warrants drawn and payable in like manner as for the original construction of the dikes of such district, and fixing a time and place within such district for hearing objections to such proposed improvement or for the proposed method of paying the costs thereof. The time so fixed shall be not less than thirty days or more than sixty days from the date said resolution shall be adopted. Such resolution may be adopted by the commissioners upon their own motion and it shall be their duty to adopt such resolution at any time when a petition signed by the owners of sixty percent or more of the acreage within such diking district is presented, requesting them to do so.
[ 1915 c 153 § 2; RRS § 4244. Formerly RCW 85.04.450.]
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