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Eminent domainPowers of district.

All diking districts organized under the provisions of this act shall have the right of eminent domain with the power by and through its board of commissioners to cause to be condemned and appropriated private property for the use of said organization, in the construction and maintenance of a system of dikes and make just compensation therefor; that the property of private corporations may be subjected to the same rights of eminent domain as private individuals, and said board of commissioners shall have the power to acquire by purchase all of the real property necessary to make the improvements provided for by this act. All diking districts and the commissioners thereof now organized and existing, and all diking districts hereafter to be organized, and the commissioners thereof shall have in addition to the rights, powers and authority now conferred by any law of this state:
(1) The right, power and authority to straighten, widen, deepen and improve any and all rivers, watercourses or streams, whether navigable or otherwise, flowing through or located within the boundaries of such diking district, or any rivers, watercourses or streams which shall at any time by their overflow damage the land within the boundaries of any such diking district.
(2) To construct all needed and auxiliary dikes, drains, ditches, canals, flumes, locks and all other necessary artificial appliances, wherever situated, in the construction of a diking system and which may be necessary or advisable to protect the land in any diking district from overflow, or to provide an efficient system of drainage for the land situated within such diking district, or to assist and become necessary in the preservation and maintenance of such diking system.
(3) In the accomplishment of the foregoing objects, the commissioners of such diking districts are hereby given, in addition to the right and power of eminent domain now conferred by law upon the commissioners of any diking district, the right, power and authority by purchase, or the exercise of the power and authority of eminent domain, or otherwise, to acquire all necessary or needed rights-of-way in the straightening, deepening or widening of such rivers, watercourses or streams, and such auxiliary drains, ditches or canals hereinabove mentioned, and when so acquired shall have and are hereby given the right, power and authority, by and with the consent and approval of the United States government, in cases where such consent is necessary, to divert, alter or change the bed or course of any such river, watercourse or stream aforesaid, or to deepen or widen the same.
All diking districts and the commissioners thereof are further given the right, power and authority to join and contract with any other diking district or districts for the joint construction of any of the foregoing works, appliances, or improvements, whether such works, appliances or improvements are located within the boundaries of any or all of the contracting districts.
[ 1939 c 117 § 1; 1915 c 153 § 1; 1907 c 95 § 1; 1895 c 117 § 7; RRS § 4243. Prior: 1883 p 30 § 1; Code 1881 § 2523. Formerly RCW 85.04.410.]
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