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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Applicant" means a person applying for a tax deferral under this chapter.
(2) "Person" has the meaning given in RCW 82.04.030.
(3) "Department" means the department of revenue.
(4) "Investment project" means construction of buildings, site preparation, and the acquisition of related machinery and equipment when the buildings, machinery, and equipment are to be used in the operation of a new thoroughbred racetrack.
(5) "New thoroughbred racetrack" means a site for thoroughbred horse racing located west of the Cascade mountains on which construction is commenced prior to July 1, 1998.
(6) "Buildings" means only those new structures such as ticket offices, concession areas, grandstands, stables, and other structures that are an essential or an integral part of a thoroughbred racetrack. If a building is used partly for use as an essential or integral part of a thoroughbred racetrack and partly for other purposes, the applicable tax deferral shall be determined by apportionment of the costs of construction under rules adopted by the department.
(7) "Machinery and equipment" means all fixtures, equipment, and support facilities that are an integral and necessary part of a thoroughbred racetrack.
(8) "Recipient" means a person receiving a tax deferral under this chapter.
(9) "Certificate holder" means an applicant to whom a tax deferral certificate has been issued.
(10) "Operationally complete" means constructed or improved to the point of being functionally useable for thoroughbred horse racing.
(11) "Initiation of construction" means that date upon which on-site construction commences.
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