Chapter 74.34 RCW



74.34.025Limitation on recovery for protective services and benefits.
74.34.035ReportsMandated and permissiveContentsConfidentiality.
74.34.040ReportsContentsIdentity confidential.
74.34.050Immunity from liability.
74.34.053Failure to reportFalse reportsPenalties.
74.34.063Response to reportsTimingReports to law enforcement agenciesNotification to licensing authority.
74.34.067InvestigationsInterviewsOngoing case planningAgreements with tribesConclusion of investigation.
74.34.068Investigation resultsReportRules.
74.34.070Cooperative agreements for services.
74.34.090Data collection systemConfidentiality.
74.34.095Confidential informationDisclosure.
74.34.110Protection of vulnerable adultsPetition for protective order.
74.34.115Protection of vulnerable adultsAdministrative office of the courtsStandard petitionOrder for protectionStandard noticeCourt staff handbook.
74.34.120Protection of vulnerable adultsHearing.
74.34.130Protection of vulnerable adultsJudicial relief.
74.34.135Protection of vulnerable adultsFilings by othersDismissal of petition or orderTestimony or evidenceAdditional evidentiary hearingsTemporary order.
74.34.140Protection of vulnerable adultsExecution of protective order.
74.34.145Protection of vulnerable adultsNotice of criminal penalties for violationEnforcement under RCW 26.50.110.
74.34.150Protection of vulnerable adultsDepartment may seek relief.
74.34.160Protection of vulnerable adultsProceedings are supplemental.
74.34.163Application to modify or vacate order.
74.34.170Services of department discretionaryFunding.
74.34.180Retaliation against whistleblowers and residentsRemediesRules.
74.34.200Abandonment, abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect of a vulnerable adultCause of action for damagesLegislative intent.
74.34.205Abandonment, abuse, or neglectExceptions.
74.34.210Order for protection or action for damagesStandingJurisdiction.
74.34.215Financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.
74.34.220Financial exploitation of vulnerable adultsTrainingReporting.
74.34.300Vulnerable adult fatality reviews.
74.34.305Statement to vulnerable adults.
74.34.310Service of process or filing fees prohibitedCertified copies.
74.34.320Written protocolCounties encouraged to develop for handling criminal cases involving vulnerable adultsVulnerable adult advocacy teamsConfidentialityDisclosure of information.
74.34.902ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Domestic violence prevention, authority of department of social and health services to seek relief on behalf of vulnerable adults: RCW 26.50.021.
Patients in nursing homes and hospitals, abuse: Chapter 70.124 RCW.