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Program plan for servicesLocal agency support.

*** CHANGE IN 2020 *** (SEE 2599.SL) ***
(1) A written individual program plan shall be developed for each child served under this controlled program by the division of developmental disabilities in cooperation with the child's parents or if available, legal guardians, and under the supervision of the child's primary health care provider.
(2) The plan shall provide for the systematic provision of all required services. The services to be available as required by the child's individual needs shall include: (a) Nursing care, including registered and licensed practical nurses, and properly trained nurse's aides; (b) physicians, including surgeons, general and family practitioners, and specialists in the child's particular diagnosis on either a referral, consultive, or ongoing treatment basis; (c) respiratory therapists and devices; (d) dental care of both routine and emergent nature; (e) ongoing nutritional consultation from a trained professional; (f) communication disorder therapy; (g) physical and occupational habilitation and rehabilitation therapy and devices; (h) special and regular education; (i) recreation therapy; (j) psychological counseling; and (k) transportation.
(3) A portion of these required services can be provided from state and local agencies having primary responsibility for such services, but the ultimate responsibility for ensuring and coordinating the delivery of all necessary services shall rest with the division of developmental disabilities.
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