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Statewide plan to implement coordinated specialty care programs providing early identification and intervention for psychosis. (Expires June 30, 2024.)

(1) Subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for this specific purpose, the authority shall collaborate with the University of Washington and a professional association of licensed community behavioral health agencies to develop a statewide plan to implement evidence-based coordinated specialty care programs that provide early identification and intervention for psychosis in licensed and certified community behavioral health agencies. The authority must submit the statewide plan to the governor and the legislature by March 1, 2020. The statewide plan must include:
(a) Analysis of existing benefit packages, payment rates, and resource gaps, including needs for nonmedicaid resources;
(b) Development of a discrete benefit package and case rate for coordinated specialty care;
(c) Identification of costs for statewide start-up, training, and community outreach;
(d) Determination of the number of coordinated specialty care teams needed in each regional service area; and
(e) A timeline for statewide implementation.
(2) The authority shall ensure that:
(a) At least one coordinated specialty care team is starting up or in operation in each regional service area by October 1, 2020; and
(b) Each regional service area has an adequate number of coordinated specialty care teams based on incidence and population across the state by December 31, 2023.
(3) This section expires June 30, 2024.


FindingsIntent2019 c 360: See note following RCW 74.09.4951.
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