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Placement in community facilityNecessary conditions and actionsDepartment's duties.

(1) The department shall not initially place an offender in a community facility unless:
(a) The department has conducted a risk assessment, including a determination of drug and alcohol abuse, and the results indicate the juvenile will pose not more than a minimum risk to public safety; and
(b) The offender has spent at least ten percent of his or her sentence, but in no event less than thirty days, in a secure institution operated by, or under contract with, the department.
The risk assessment must include consideration of all prior convictions and all available nonconviction data released upon request under RCW 10.97.050, and any serious infractions or serious violations while under the jurisdiction of the secretary or the courts.
(2) No juvenile offender may be placed in a community facility until the juvenile's student records and information have been received and the department has reviewed them in conjunction with all other information used for risk assessment, security classification, and placement of the juvenile.
(3) A juvenile offender shall not be placed in a community facility until the department's risk assessment and security classification is complete and local law enforcement has been properly notified.


IntentFindingEffective date1998 c 269: See notes following RCW 72.05.020.
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