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Behavioral health organizationsContracts with authorityRequirements. (Effective until January 1, 2020.)

(1)(a) Contracts between a behavioral health organization and the authority shall include mechanisms for monitoring performance under the contract and remedies for failure to substantially comply with the requirements of the contract including, but not limited to, financial penalties, termination of the contract, and reprocurement of the contract.
(b) The authority shall incorporate the criteria to measure the performance of service coordination organizations into contracts with behavioral health organizations as provided in chapter 70.320 RCW.
(2) The behavioral health organization procurement processes shall encourage the preservation of infrastructure previously purchased by the community mental health service delivery system, the maintenance of linkages between other services and delivery systems, and maximization of the use of available funds for services versus profits. However, a behavioral health organization selected through the procurement process is not required to contract for services with any county-owned or operated facility. The behavioral health organization procurement process shall provide that public funds appropriated by the legislature shall not be used to promote or deter, encourage, or discourage employees from exercising their rights under Title 29, chapter 7, subchapter II, United States Code or chapter 41.56 RCW.
(3) In addition to the requirements of RCW 71.24.035, contracts shall:
(a) Define administrative costs and ensure that the behavioral health organization does not exceed an administrative cost of ten percent of available funds;
(b) Require effective collaboration with law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, and the chemical dependency treatment system;
(c) Require substantial implementation of authority adopted integrated screening and assessment process and matrix of best practices;
(d) Maintain the decision-making independence of designated crisis responders;
(e) Except at the discretion of the secretary of the department of social and health services in consultation with the director or as specified in the biennial budget, require behavioral health organizations to pay the state for the costs associated with individuals who are being served on the grounds of the state hospitals and who are not receiving long-term inpatient care as defined in RCW 71.24.025;
(f) Include a negotiated alternative dispute resolution clause;
(g) Include a provision requiring either party to provide one hundred eighty days' notice of any issue that may cause either party to voluntarily terminate, refuse to renew, or refuse to sign a mandatory amendment to the contract to act as a behavioral health organization. If either party decides to voluntarily terminate, refuse to renew, or refuse to sign a mandatory amendment to the contract to serve as a behavioral health organization they shall provide ninety days' advance notice in writing to the other party;
(h) Require behavioral health organizations to provide services as identified in RCW 71.05.585 to individuals committed for involuntary commitment under less restrictive alternative court orders when:
(i) The individual is enrolled in the medicaid program and meets behavioral health organization access to care standards; or
(ii) The individual is not enrolled in medicaid, does not have other insurance which can pay for the services, and the behavioral health organization has adequate available resources to provide the services; and
(i) Establish caseload guidelines for care coordinators who supervise less restrictive alternative orders and guidelines for response times during and immediately following periods of hospitalization or incarceration.


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