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Sexual assault protection ordersContents. (Effective until July 1, 2022.)

(1) Any sexual assault protection order shall describe each remedy granted by the court, in reasonable detail and not by reference to any other document, so that the respondent may clearly understand what he or she must do or refrain from doing.
(2) A sexual assault protection order shall further state the following:
(a) The name of each petitioner that the court finds was the victim of nonconsensual sexual conduct or nonconsensual sexual penetration by the respondent;
(b) The date and time the sexual assault protection order was issued, whether it is an ex parte temporary or final order, and the duration of the order;
(c) The date, time, and place for any scheduled hearing for renewal of that sexual assault protection order or for another order of greater duration or scope;
(d) For each remedy in an ex parte temporary sexual assault protection order, the reason for entering that remedy without prior notice to the respondent or greater notice than was actually given;
(e) For ex parte temporary sexual assault protection orders, that the respondent may petition the court, to reopen the order if he or she did not receive actual prior notice of the hearing and if the respondent alleges that he or she had a meritorious defense to the order or that the order or its remedy is not authorized by this chapter.
(3) A sexual assault protection order shall include the following notice, printed in conspicuous type: "A knowing violation of this sexual assault protection order is a criminal offense under chapter 26.50 RCW and will subject a violator to arrest. You can be arrested even if any person protected by the order invites or allows you to violate the order's prohibitions. You have the sole responsibility to avoid or refrain from violating the order's provisions. Only the court can change the order."
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