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Service by mailWhen authorized. (Effective until July 1, 2022.)

(1) In circumstances justifying service by publication under RCW 7.90.052, if the serving party files an affidavit stating facts from which the court determines that service by mail is just as likely to give actual notice as service by publication and that the serving party is unable to afford the cost of service by publication, the court may order that service be made by mail. The service must be made by any person over eighteen years of age, who is competent to be a witness, other than a party, by mailing copies of the order and other process to the party to be served at his or her last known address or any other address determined by the court to be appropriate. Two copies must be mailed, postage prepaid, one by ordinary first-class mail and the other by a form of mail requiring a signed receipt showing when and to whom it was delivered. The envelopes must bear the return address of the sender.
(2) Proof of service under this section must be consistent with court rules for civil proceedings.
(3) Service under this section may be used in the same manner and has the same jurisdictional effect as service by publication for purposes of this chapter. Service is deemed complete upon the mailing of the two copies as prescribed in this section.
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