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Moral nuisancePersonal propertyEffects of notice.

The following are also declared to be moral nuisances, as personal property used in conducting and maintaining a moral nuisance:
(1) All moneys paid as admission price to the exhibition of any lewd film or lewd live performance found to be a moral nuisance;
(2) All valuable consideration received for the sale of any lewd publication which is found to be a moral nuisance;
(3) The furniture, fixtures, and contents of a place which is a moral nuisance.
From and after service of a copy of the notice of hearing of the application for a preliminary injunction, provided for in RCW 7.48.064, upon the place or its manager, acting manager, or person then in charge, all such persons are deemed to have knowledge of the acts, conditions, or things which make such place a moral nuisance. Where the circumstantial proof warrants a determination that a person had knowledge of the moral nuisance prior to such service of process, the court shall make such finding.
[ 1990 c 152 § 3; 1979 c 1 § 3 (Initiative Measure No. 335, approved November 8, 1977).]


Reviser's note: As to the constitutionality of this section, see note following RCW 7.48.052.
Severability1990 c 152: See note following RCW 7.48.050.
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