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Claimants may appear.

At the hearing, any person claiming any interest in any of the articles seized may appear and be heard upon filing a written claim setting forth particularly the character and extent of his or her interest, and the burden shall rest upon the claimant to show, by competent evidence, his or her property right or interest in the articles claimed, and that they were not used in violation of any of the provisions of this title, and were not in any manner kept or possessed with the intention of violating any of its provisions.
[ 2012 c 117 § 283; 1955 c 39 § 8. Prior: 1943 c 216 § 3(3), part; 1933 ex.s. c 62 § 33(2), part; Rem. Supp. 1943 § 7306-33(3), part.]
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