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Search warrantSearch and seizure.

If, upon the sworn complaint of any person, it is made to appear to any judge of the superior court or district court, that there is probable cause to believe that intoxicating liquor is being manufactured, sold, bartered, exchanged, given away, furnished, or otherwise disposed of or kept in violation of the provisions of this title, such judge shall, with or without the approval of the prosecuting attorney, issue a warrant directed to a civil officer of the state duly authorized to enforce or assist in enforcing any law thereof, or to an inspector of the board, commanding the civil officer or inspector to search the premises, room, house, building, boat, vehicle, structure or place designated and described in the complaint and warrant, and to seize all intoxicating liquor there found, together with the vessels in which it is contained, and all implements, furniture, and fixtures used or kept for the illegal manufacture, sale, barter, exchange, giving away, furnishing, or otherwise disposing of the liquor, and to safely keep the same, and to make a return of the warrant within ten days, showing all acts and things done thereunder, with a particular statement of all articles seized and the name of the person or persons in whose possession they were found, if any, and if no person is found in the possession of the articles, the return shall so state.
[ 1987 c 202 § 220; 1955 c 288 § 1; 1955 c 39 § 4. Prior: 1943 c 216 § 3(2), part; 1933 ex.s. c 62 § 33(2), part; Rem. Supp. 1943 § 7306-33(2), part.]


Intent1987 c 202: See note following RCW 2.04.190.
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